Gob love!

Hello, everyone! I'm here to share my first Gob fic ever (hopefully not the last!), so I hope you enjoy it!

Title: Wishes
Rating: PG
Pairing: Gob/Fem Vault Dweller
Summary: The Vaultie is upset that no one celebrates holidays in the Wasteland. She decides to give Gob a Christmas gift anyway, and he wants to give her something in return.

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Hi all! I found this curtesy of DeviantART and decided I might like to post something. What do you guys think? 

Title: A Fool
Pairing: F!LW/Charon, Jealous Desmond
Rating: M for light smut
Summary: She was his for three days and he was in love with her on the fourth. He made the mistake of following her back to the Capital Wasteland.

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Sup, dudes? I couldn't believe this fandom doesn't have a kink meme already, so I whipped one up.

Fallout Kink Meme

Go! Request! Fill! And if anyone has any idea where the rest of the fandom is hiding, let know- I refuse to believe that you good folks are the only ones making smutty FO fangoods.

Need a beta reader?

Hey guys!

Long-time lurker here, finally emerging from the shadows to extend an offer. I love perusing the ghoul-fic that this community has to offer, and I've noticed that we have quite a wide range of writers amongst us; some have been writing for ages, some are working on improving so they can write more, and some are giving into the ghoul calling to write their first fic ever. (And more power to 'em! :D)

So, what's my offer? Why, a willing beta reader, of course! I enjoy fic of all sorts, provided it's ghoul-related. Het, slash, adventure, romance, porn -- you name it, I'll probably read it.

That said, if any of you fic-writers out there feel like your fic could use a once-over by a second pair of eyes, I'm your girl! I wouldn't consider myself a grammar nazi, but I do tend to notice those little details that make your fic less than enjoyable for some readers, such as the mixing up of tenses, spelling/grammar errors, awkward sentence structure, and so on. Depending on what you want from your beta reader, I'd be glad to look over your fic for errors, or to make suggestions if you're having trouble getting something to sound right. I can be nit-picky if you want, or I can give you more general comments just to let you know whether your fic makes sense or not -- it's up to you! I can't promise to catch everything, but I can guarantee that your fic will sound natural and be appealing to a wider range of readers once we've worked together.

Also, I'm a nice person, so I won't tear you a new one if I don't care for something in your fic. If I notice something glaringly OOC I will probably mention it, but my skills are better focused on the writing itself than on characterization.

Feel free to drop me a comment here if you have anything you want me to look over, or you can IM me at mabaliciousness over AIM.

Keep on rockin' and writing, ghoul fans~ :3
Mabrielle - Still waiting for a yes

"Wish I" a new Charon/FLW fanfic

Alright, so I have a fanfic to contribute. It is the first oneshot of many (all of which will be "connected" to one another).

Title: Wish I
Pairing: Charon/FLW
Disclaimer: I do not own Fallout 3 or Charon. I do, however, own my character Raine and the idea for this fanfic.
Rating: T, subject to change
Genres: Romance/Adventure
Summary: A series of connected one-shots with no real storyline focused Charon and my FLW's adventures, lessons, feelings, and mishaps.

Chapter 1 - "In the Darkness"
Mabrielle - Still waiting for a yes

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Wow...this place is kind of dead. But, thats okay :]

Is there anyone out there interested in a one-on-one Charon/Female Valutie roleplay through email? I have recently got into Fallout 3 again AND Charon. My new female valutie Laine has an uber crush on him lyke whoa. Anywho, if you're interested, feel free to leave a comment here or send me a PM. If all goes well we can exchange emails. As an add, I don't have any particular limits to content, nor do I mind playing Charon or my Female Vaultie.
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Dirty CharonxLW fanfiction. Im new..

 Holah, I just picked up Fallout 3 for the second time and actually played it all the way through, with Charon of course. I decided that after reading all the stories I could on the pair that I would write my own.

This is my first writing attempt ever. If it doesn't suck then I wanna do more.

Title: The Real Disk Jockey

Summary: Forced atop a old satellite disk are Vault girl and her ghoul counterpart wait out the growing gang of Yoa Gui. Without ammo they are forced overcome their earlier uncomfortable argument and set things straight. 

Rating: MA (Smutt)

Genre(s): Romance/ Erotica

Pairing(s): Vault GirlxCharon

Disclaimer: I do not own Fallout 3

Story Link: fancyladysnacks.livejournal.com/517.html

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Aloha, Kaimaler here! (Finally) I'm a lurker, I admit, but I am contributing to the communitiy so I don't feel like a leech anymore. :D

So yeah, this is my first completed Fallout fic and my second published romance genre, so I'm not to sure about this. Granted, I have been writing for about three years now, but this one-shot was meant to be a scrap story for my next work which I'll be starting on here shortly.
I finished it first and though it's not the best one-shot, no where near it, I felt like posting it because I think the Ghoulification communitiy needed something to get it back on track, so here it is, forgive it's amatuer nature...

Since You.
Warning: Fluffiness. :P
Pairing: FLW/Charon.
Rating: M for language and heavily implied sexual content.
Summary: Months alone ware on the Wasteland Messiah and when her ex-companion returns, she plans on changing that. Only problem is; he's never thought of her anymore then just a good shot and a close friend. They cheated death together, now can they share more?

{Since You: Part I.}-{Since You: Part II.}-{Since You: Part III.}

Fanfiction: Since You. (full version)

Thanks and I hope you enjoy it!